Water Powered Deer Repellent For Plants

With the state of the planet now, everyone is doing their part to keep it “greener.” This means recycling, using less energy and doing their utmost not to add chemicals into the environment whether they are airborne or introduced into the soil. More gardeners have gone to natural methods to keep deer away from their vegetable gardens than ever before.

The reason the majority of people have their own gardens is to grow their own vegetables and eat healthier. By adding chemicals to the area, this defeats the purpose quite a bit, so many people have opted for a different approach. Here are a few ideas to keep the deer away and maintain the integrity of the garden and the plants within.

More than one gardener has found forced water to be a reasonable deterrent for deer as it cannot harm the plants in any way. The added benefit is that the plants may get a bit more water now and then. However, no one wants to stand around with a hose and wait on the possibility that the deer are going to show up.

There is a solution to this though in these forced water systems. A few manufacturers have forced water “cannons” with built in motion sensors that can handle this job for you. These are easy to set up and move and can maintain a garden’s perimeter with little to no effort.

Simply set them up in the path the deer normally take to enter the garden. Once the deer triggers the sensor, they get a face full of water along with a piercing sound with some of the available models. This “trains” the deer that coming around is a no-no and costs a heck of a lot less than a fence.

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