Which Is The Best Homemade Deer Repellent?

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The majority of people out there who have issues with deer have tried just about every remedy on the market.  Quite a few of them, after spending more money than they wanted to, revert to trying some of their own concoctions.  For the most part, these have some pretty standard ingredients and can be whipped up in the kitchen in no time flat.

Just about every recipe available starts out with a base material of either cooking oil or eggs.  The purpose behind using one of these is to ensure that whichever mixture they come up with actually sticks to the plants.  Comparing both oil and eggs against one another, the eggs seem to withstand weather and watering for a bit longer before reapplication is necessary.

Kitchen spices are a very popular ingredient in these homemade deer repellent recipes.  Anyone who has experimented with these knows that the hotter, the better; therefore, only a little overboard with them makes the mix more effective.  The most popular of these seems to be chili powder, cayenne pepper, and Tabasco sauce.

Ideally, you want to mix hot enough so that after one bite no deer in their right mind will ever come back to your garden.  The idea is to create a taste so bitter and foul that the deer will not ever want to make a return trip.  Think of it like going to a restaurant, ordering food, and having it come back so bad that not only will you not go back to it, but you will also put a clause in your will that your children will be disinherited if they do.

While there is no one best homemade deer repellent recipe, many are very effective.  The trick is to take some time experimenting with different mixtures until you find the one that works best in your area.  Deer, like people, will avoid things they do not like to eat after one bite.

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