Three CA Arrests For Alleged Illegal Hunting Of Deer

Authorities arrested three men from Northern California, alleging they were hunting deer illegally. The three individuals, Raymond Nicolini (age 23), Steven Graham (23), and Timothy Heflin (46) were arrested by Tuolumne County deputies on Thursday, September 30. Residents placed calls to the authorities regarding gunfire heard near a subdivision in Sonora just before 1 AM. […] Read more »

Michigan Has New Deer Hunting Regulations

The deer hunting season in Michigan began on Friday, October 1. For hunters, this is akin to Christmas morning. New hunter-friendly regulations should help to decrease the state’s deer population, something that should make them even happier. In Michigan, baiting is illegal and within Lower Michigan, it carries a fine of up to $500. According […] Read more »

2011 Deer Hunting Proposed Changes Irk Some Hunters In Indiana

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is proposing changes to the rules regarding deer hunting seasons. An columnist wrote about information contained in a relevant news release and was lambasted by several readers. Though he was accused of simply publishing an IDNR news release and being biased, he believes what most upset his […] Read more »