Spring Is Upon Us- Time For Deer Repellent Strategies

Spring is just weeks away and the deer will soon be emerging from their forest homes. As the frost burns off the plants and shrubs, people head to the garden store to purchase beautiful spring flowers. Soon, these become tasty treats for hungry deer that have lived on little food throughout the cold winter months. […] Read more »

Spicing Up Natural Deer Repellent Recipes

There are many great chemical based deer repellent on the market that both work well and are environmentally friendly. Many gardeners, however, still feel the need to move along the all natural approach when it comes to keeping deer and other animals from turning their plants into dinner. The recipes for the natural deer repellents […] Read more »

Protecting Your Garden From Intrusion By Deer

Image via Wikipedia A garden, particularly one in a rural area, can be plagued by a multitude of woodland creatures.  The most devastating of these is going to be the deer.  The age-old battle of gardener versus deer sometimes may seem like a losing one, but protecting a garden can be accomplished in a variety […] Read more »