Spring Is Upon Us- Time For Deer Repellent Strategies

Spring is just weeks away and the deer will soon be emerging from their forest homes. As the frost burns off the plants and shrubs, people head to the garden store to purchase beautiful spring flowers. Soon, these become tasty treats for hungry deer that have lived on little food throughout the cold winter months. […] Read more »

Blue Fescue Makes Your Garden Area Look Great And Keeps The Deer Away

Of the many ways to keep deer out of the garden, most are either costly or potentially dangerous to the deer or other animals entering the area. Using blue fescue is an organic way to deter deer from the garden. This ornamental grass makes a nice addition to the garden and repels deer in an […] Read more »

Deer Repellent Landscaping Time Is Upon The Country

Now is the time to put some forethought into your spring planting to help prevent the woodland population from turning it into a salad bar.  By choosing the perennials and shrubs, a gardener or landscaper can plan ahead to fight off the local animal population in the latter months of the year. This is a […] Read more »

Landscaping With Deer Resistance In Mind

Deer can tear up a piece of property or yard in short order when unchecked. There is a wide range of products available to help keep them from eating vegetables and flowers, but these are normally not the only foliage in the area. There can be an easy solution to this and it just takes […] Read more »